Work Samples

Boston Marathon Bombings

Following the bombings several of our staff were instrumental in developing and operating the Massachusetts Resiliency Center--a community resource for survivor services and a support network for victim service providers. Click here to learn more.

Homicide Services Provider Certification

ORI worked with the Iowa Attorney General's office to develop and deliver a statewide curriculum and certification process for community agency members working with family members of homicide victims.  A first of its kind in the country.

SVAA Resource Center

In partnership with the National Center for Victims of Crime and the Dept. of Justice, ORI is the Training & Technical Assistance team for the nationwide network of State Victim Assistance Academies. Click here to visit the SVAA Resource Center

Vicarious Trauma Toolkit

Our staff served as critical leaders in the recent development of a federally funded (OVC) project to identify resources, tools, and best practices for addressing the effects of vicarious trauma. Click here to see the VTT.

Newtown/Sandy Hook

Our staff worked closely with community members for months following the tragedy.  Community rebuilding and teacher support were our primary focus.  See a video here of Dr. Becker speaking to a townwide gathering during a Community Connections event.

Global Disaster Relief

ORI has had a longstanding relationship with IBM's Corporate Responsibility Division, through which we have delivered extensive on-site disaster response support around the globe.  Additionally, our manuals-- A Caregivers Guide to Helping Children Following a Disaster; A Caregivers Guide for Helping Adults following a Disaster ; and Giving Back the Gift of Hope: A Guide for Educator's Helping Child Survivors of Disaster have been translated and distributed to communities and responders following countless global disasters.