Kevin Becker Psy.D., -- Senior Partner

Dr. Kevin Becker PsyD, is a licensed clinical psychologist and senior partner with ORI Consulting a global crisis consulting firm.  For nearly 30 years he has specialized in the areas of psychological trauma and crisis.  He served as Clinical Instructor in the Harvard Medical School Department of Psychiatry and with Marsh Crisis Consulting, where he worked with Ambassador Paul Bremer advising governments, and public and private organizations on how best to prepare for and respond to the human impacts of crisis. He served for 10 years as Director of The Trauma Center in Boston, an internationally renowned research and treatment facility specializing in psychological trauma and one of the first member agencies of the NCTSN. He has worked extensively with governments, organizations, and communities following major disasters such as 9/11; the 2004 Tsunami; Hurricane Katrina, the Kashmir earthquake in 2005, the Amish school shooting, the Sandy Hook/Newtown shootings, and the Boston Marathon bombings. He established and served as Program Director for the (AEAP) federally funded Resiliency Center for the survivors of the Boston Marathon bombings.  He has assisted communities large and small, in preparing for and responding to a wide variety of tragedies ranging from high impact crimes to natural disasters.  He was a founder and director of the Massachusetts Victim Assistance Academy, which trains multi-disciplinary crime victim service providers, and he serves as the Director of Training & Technical Assistance to the national network of victim assistance academies (SVAAs) for the Department of Justice/Office for Victims of Crime. He was founding chairperson of the Massachusetts Disaster Response Network for the Mass. Psychological Association. He is a member of the United Nations Task Force on Defining Transformation within the 2030 Development Agenda. And serves as a Board member for the media organization Images & Voices of Hope, dedicated to helping media makers tell stories in restorative narrative fashion. He consults nationally and internationally on a regular basis, has produced an award-winning documentary entitled PTSD: Beyond Survival, authored globally-distributed manuals on caring for children and adults following disaster and tragedy, and is a frequent speaker and trainer on issues of psychological trauma and crisis.  His preferred methods of self-care are running and glassblowing.


Katherine Manners, M.Ed, LMFT, Senior Consultant

Katherine Manners, M.Ed., LMFT is a senior consultant for Organizational Resilience International (ORI).  Current national projects include Lead Team member and Content Expert for multiple federally funded initiatives including: Training and Technical Assistance for State Victim Assistance Academies; Development of the Vicarious Trauma Toolkit for first responders and victim advocates, and advancing the development of Master Trainer’s on the Neurobiology of Sexual Assault. She led the innovative effort to create and implement a statewide training program and credentialing standard for Iowa Homicide Specialist Advocates and programs.

In her 30 years of victim services, crisis response and trauma work, Ms Manners has served in several capacities and environments including prosecutors’ office, community agency, hospital and as a private practitioner. She has directed three homicide bereavement programs in the Boston area and is the lead contractor for a statewide homicide specialist training and credentialing program for advocates. She is the co-founder and author of a distinctive program and curriculum on vicarious trauma.  She has extensive organizational consulting experience including trauma-informed and vicarious-trauma informed care, and crisis response protocols.


Ms. Manners has responded to multiple traumatic and mass violence incidents including the 9/11 terrorist attacks in New York City, and the 2013 Boston Marathon Bombing. She provides crisis intervention counseling and critical incident debriefings, therapy and support groups. She consults and trains nationally and internationally on homicide, vicarious trauma and resilience for government agencies, non-profits and coalitions. 


Janet E. Fine, M.S.,--Senior Consultant

Janet E. Fine, M.S., has been at the forefront of victim rights and services throughout her nearly 35 years in the victim advocacy field. She began her career as a Victim Witness Advocate, among the early leaders to implement victim rights in the criminal justice system. She eventually served as victim assistance director in the two largest district attorneys’ offices in Massachusetts, where she also facilitated the development of their respective CACs and served as their founding directors. She participated in community crisis response efforts in local communities, and as a member of the National Crisis Response Team from Massachusetts at Ground Zero in New York following 9/11. On the state level, Janet served as the Executive Director of the Massachusetts Office for Victim Assistance, where she founded and guided the Massachusetts Victim Assistance Academy, an intensive training program for diverse victim service providers. She navigated successful victim rights legislative reforms, and was the founding co-chair of the Massachusetts Children’s Alliance. She is also a part-time faculty member in Northeastern University’s School of Criminology and Criminal Justice. On the national level, she has served on the Executive Board of the National Children’s Alliance (NCA) where she helped develop and update the national CAC accreditation standards, conducts CAC accreditation site reviews, consults on the development of CACs and Chapters, develops curricula and provides training to victim advocates and multidisciplinary teams, and served as a lead contributor and editor to a Field Guide for Family Advocates. She also frequently provides training and consultation on victim advocacy, multidisciplinary teams and CACs nationally and internationally and serves on the World Society of Victimology United Nations Liaison Committee.  Janet currently serves on two, multi-year, OVC-funded project teams – as Project Director, training and technical assistance provider for the Vicarious Trauma Toolkit for first responders and victim service providers, and as a member of the Training and Technical Assistance team for the State Victim Assistance Academy (SVAA) Resource Center at the National Center for Victims of Crime.


Lisa A. Tieszen, MA, LICSW, --Senior Consultant

Lisa A. Tieszen, M.A., LICSW, provides consultation to the State Victim Assistance Academy Training and Technical Assistance Resource Center and the Vicarious Trauma Toolkit Project, both funded by Office for Victims of Crime. Lisa served as founding steering committee, faculty member and mentor for the Massachusetts Victim Assistance Academy. For over 35 years, Lisa has assisted individuals and organizations impacted by trauma through advocacy, counseling, teaching and program development.    Lisa teaches widely on issues related to trauma and vicarious traumatization, domestic violence, professional boundaries, and professional development. Since 1999, she has worked with community providers to develop better response to the Secondary Traumatic Stress/Vicarious Trauma experienced by advocates, clinicians and others working with survivors of abuse and trauma. She trains widely within Massachusetts and across the country, and has taught at multiple universities, including the Boston University and Harvard Schools of Public Health.