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Human Impact Planning™ is a facilitated planning process that produces a comprehensive plan for identifying and developing the policies, plans and procedures you feel are most important in helping your employees during a crisis. A Human Impact Plan is crucial for the effective management of critical incidents, emergencies, and crises, and for the recovery and sustainability of business operations; Human Impact Planning™ picks up where Business Continuity Plans leave off.

Too often organizations wait until the middle of a crisis to make decisions regarding questions such as:

  • Will we pay death benefits to family members? How much? What's the process?
  • Can we get our employees to work if they're afraid of a pandemic or terrorist attack?
  • Will we cover the costs of housing if our employees must relocate to continue our operations? Do we have the proper alliance partners to house them?
  • Do we have a system for identifying where our employees are at all times?
  • How well-trained and prepared is our EAP to address psychological trauma?
  • How do we maintain morale among employees?
  • How do we establish a communication plan that actually works?

The Human Impact Planning process addresses these and many other questions before the crisis strikes so you are ready to respond.

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