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In an effort to help those who will be caring for or working with traumatized children and adults in the aftermath of last month's devastating earthquake in Haiti, educational manuals produced by ORI , through the generosity and support of IBM, have been translated into French and Haitian Creole and are on their way to impacted areas. These manuals, A Caregivers Guide to Helping Children Following a Disaster and A Caregivers Guide for Helping Adults following a Disaster, are designed to provide practical information on psychosocial support to those working with survivors of this traumatic event. This can include teachers, coaches, faith based organizations, health care providers, and anyone else finding themselves in this role.

Copies of the manuals have already been sent to the large Haitian communities in New York and Miami and, once sufficient infrastructure exists, they will be available for distribution in Haiti. ORI is pleased to continue our alliance with IBM during this extremely destructive tragedy.

For more information on these materials please contact us at info@oriconsulting.com.

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