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IRIS© Experiential Team Simulation
Executive Crisis Solutions

ORI Consulting employs a variety of techniques and methodologies to facilitate development at all levels of an organization. From individual coaching, through workshops and seminars to experiential team simulations, ORI professionals will assist you in enhancing resilience in your people and your organization.

Some of the processes we use are: IRIS© Experiential Team Simulation:

IRIS© is a proprietary tool that goes beyond typical 'team-building' exercises and is refreshingly effective in immediately helping organizations be more productive and successful. Participants leave the simulation with a clear understanding of their role in the success and development of the organization.

IRIS© clarifies the natural development and innovation process for individuals and teams within your organization and helps participants see how to speed them up or slow them down, to ensure that they support the shared goals in the work environment.

With IRIS© you will...

  • Learn to assess the state of your team, department, organization or network
  • Learn when to intervene and when to let the system evolve in a natural way
  • Learn how to advance the personal development of people in the work place
  • Understand how an organization develops naturally and what is needed to overcome barriers to development
  • Gain insight as to what intense personal relationships mean for the efficacy and efficiency of a work environment and whether they should be preserved or changed
  • Discover communication patterns and strategies that will enhance satisfaction and productivity
  • Be able to apply what you've learned to your work environment immediately
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