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Executive Crisis Solutions

ORI experts have many years of experience helping organizations and individuals improve their crisis readiness and response capabilities.

Many small and medium sized businesses face issues unique to their size and management or leadership structure. ORI specialists will work with you to optimize your readiness and response capacity to a wide variety of crisis situations.

Typical issues we deal with are:

  • Helping business owners and executives identify and plan for potential crisis situations
  • Provide specialized expert assistance during and after crisis situations
  • Education and training on Leadership during Crisis
    • Emotional Intelligence: Being "tuned-in"
    • Rational Intelligence: Ability to integrate information from multiple sources
    • Moral Intelligence: Understanding and appreciating all the implication of policy decisions
  • Developing and implementing a Crisis Communication plan
    • Learning basic principles of Crisis Communication
    • Do's and Don'ts
  • Employee retention/turnover: How do I keep my people from leaving?
  • Planning for change and transition: Can I prepare for the stress ahead? How can I prepare my business for what's ahead?
  • Personal crises affecting work performance
  • Transitions in ownership
  • Bringing the "family baggage" to a family-owned business

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